Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the Base Chapel, Fellowship Hall. Meetings begin with "Coffee Hour" from 9-10am, where members are encouraged to mingle, drink coffee, and eat breakfast. The meetings last until approximately 11am.

Meetings include a variety of fun social and charitable events that we hope you will all enjoy! Click here to see information on our upcoming meetings. Members also participate in a variety of social clubs, events, and charitable work throughout the year. 


If anyone has any community outreach projects that he or she would like to see KBSOSA participate in during the year, please let us know. 

KBSOSA is a non-federal entity which neither the US Navy, Department of Defense, nor any other part of the federal government officially endorses. The US Navy, Department of Defense, any other part of the federal government also does not officially endorse any participating auction sponsors, donators or their products and services. 

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